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With you can apply principles of game design to your curriculum, instruction, assessment, and classroom procedures.

You build the game that works for you.

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A well structured course is already like a well structured game—learners build mastery by overcoming a series of increasingly difficult challenges.

Like the best games, the best courses tap into what we know about motivation. People are more motivated when there is purpose, mastery, and choice.

Zone of Intrinsic Motivation

Inspired by Bud Caddell’s “How to be Happy in Business” Venn diagram.
Modified with permission.

Increase Motivation

  • Set clear learning objectives
  • Use a series of locks and badges to provide multiple paths to meeting objectives
  • Provide optional scaffolds, supports and enrichment
  • Improve motivation with increased purpose, mastery, and choice

Improve Behavior

  • Reward for desired behaviors such as on time and on task with game loot
  • Provide consequences for undesirable actions
  • Students work toward rewards available in the store

Work Smarter, not Harder

  • Collect student work on integrated blog
  • Supports images, links, video embeds, short answer, and full essay with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Simplified feedback with canned feedback.
  • Provide messages, inline comments and adjust loot
  • Coming Soon: Grade Scales attached to XP with Grade predictor!

Built by Teachers (and students) for Teachers is the result of years of collaboration of teachers and students. What started in one classroom in California in 2011, has grown to support innovative teaching in classrooms all over the world.

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Mike Skocko

To make learning more fun and engaging, Mike and his students began implementing gameful learning strategies in May of 2011. After Mick began hacking their code in 2016, things really got interesting.

Mike holds a B.F.A. from San Jose State University, a teaching credential from San Diego State University, and a Masters in Education Media Design from Full Sail University.

He currently has way too much fun teaching Digital Arts classes in Southern California.

Mick McMurray

Since 2016, Mick has been the primary developer of  He took over from Mike’s Mac Lab students for purely selfish reasons–he wanted to make it work just the way he wanted in his classes. 

Mick holds a B.S. in History from UC Berkeley, a teaching credential from San Diego State University, and a M.Ed. in Educational Technology from the American College of Education.

He currently teaches Business and Art classes in Southern California.

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