Adding Columns (Chains/Pods)

Once you have your quest map initiated, you need to organize your quests into columns. The process of adding a column is straightforward:

  1. Initiate Adding a Column: Look for the “Add column” button which is represented by a plus (+) icon. Clicking on this will start the process of adding a new column to your quest map.
  1. Column Type: After clicking the “Add column” button, a dialog box will appear. Here, you can choose the type of quests you are adding. You have two options:
    • Chain: Select this option if your quests are to follow a sequential order where the completion of one leads to the unlocking of the next.
    • Pod: Choose this option if your quests are grouped but do not necessarily need to be completed in a specific order.
  1. Configure Features: In the same dialog box, you can configure the features for the quests within the column:
    • Locks: If you want to lock the quests until certain criteria are met, check this option.
    • Description: Add a description to your column to give more information about the quests it contains.
    • Completion Award: If there is a reward or award for completing all quests in the column, check this option.
  2. Save the Column: After configuring your column, click on the “Update” button to save it. The column will then be added to your quest map, and you can start populating it with individual quests.

Remember to save your quest map periodically to avoid losing any changes.

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