Admin Actions

Map Actions

Once your map is created, you have several actions at your disposal for managing and refining your Map, Columns, and Quests:

  • Clone: Create a duplicate of your map or column, which can be modified for a new purpose.
  • Edit: Make detailed adjustments to your map. All the options you had when creating the map or column: title, description, locks, and completion rewards.
  • Quick Edit: Perform rapid changes to the map’s title and accessibility. This includes marking it hidden or under construction. Hidden maps are never shown to players and do not affect gameplay. Maps marked “under construction” are inaccessible by players but can still block progress.
  • Reader: Review student work submitted on this map or column and provide feedback, fostering a continuous loop of engagement and improvement.
  • Clipboard: The clipboard is only available on individual quests. It allows admin to see player’s progress in an easy to read dashboard.
  • Trash: Remove the map from your collection when it’s no longer needed or if you wish to declutter your workspace.

Each of these actions is designed to give you complete control over the content and structure of your Quest Map, ensuring that it remains a dynamic and engaging experience for all players involved.

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