Canned Content Settings

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Canned Content is a powerful feature in Gameful that streamlines your interaction with players by providing pre-set content that can be used repeatedly.

Here’s how to optimize these settings:

Creating Reusable Content #

  • Quest Templates: Save time by creating templates for quests that can be reused, ensuring consistency across similar types of challenges.
  • Messages: Write and store messages for common interactions such as greetings, instructions, and motivational communications.
  • Post Feedback: Prepare a set of feedback comments for different scenarios. This feedback can be more than just text—it can include additional rewards such as loot and inventory items, providing extra motivation and recognition for players’ efforts.
  • Reset Post Feedback: This is specialized feedback for when a player’s submission does not meet the required standards, and a quest needs to be reset. Unlike regular feedback, resetting a quest removes all awarded loot from that attempt, emphasizing the need for improvement. The reset feedback can guide players on how to revise their work to achieve better outcomes.
  • Bonus Loot: Design loot boxes with customizable loot and drop rates that can be awarded at the end of a quest. This system adds an element of surprise and excitement, encouraging players to engage with quests for potential additional rewards.

After crafting your canned content:

  • Click ‘Update’ to store these settings.
  • Employ these materials judiciously to enhance communication with your players and to automate parts of the reward system, making the administrative side of course management more efficient.

Remember, canned content is not only about efficiency but also about enriching the player’s journey through consistent, constructive, and engaging interactions.

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