Creating Inventory Items in Gameful

Inventory items are integral to the Gameful platform, providing tangible rewards and tools that students can earn and use. Here’s a guide on how to create and organize these items within your course.

Step 1: Accessing Inventory Management #

To manage inventory items, you need to access the inventory section:

  1. Go to the Top Menu Bar on the main dashboard of Gameful.
  2. Click on ‘Inventory’ from the menu to open the inventory management area.

Step 2: Creating a Tab or Category #

Before adding new items, you may need to organize them under tabs and categories:

  1. Add a Tab: If your item requires a new classification, select “Add a Tab” to create a tab such as ‘Passes’, ‘Keys’, or ‘Badges’. This will help you sort items into logical groupings.
  1. Create a Category: Within a tab, create categories to group similar items. For example, under the ‘Passes’ tab, you might have categories for different types of passes.

Step 3: Adding New Inventory Items #

With your tabs and categories set, you can add new items:

  1. Navigate to the Correct Tab: Click on the tab where your new item belongs.
  2. Select or Create a Category: Pick an existing category or create a new one for your item if necessary.
  3. Add an Item: Use the “+” icon to start adding a new item, filling in details such as the item’s name, description, and any unique attributes it carries.

Step 4: Customizing Item Details #

In this step, you’ll add specific details to your inventory item to ensure it is engaging and serves its intended purpose within the course.

  • Title: Enter a name for the inventory item. Make it distinctive and relevant to its function or the achievement it represents.
  • Features: Decide which features to enable for the item:
    • Image: Upload an image that represents the item visually.
    • Description: Provide a clear description of the item, its uses, and how it can be earned.
    • Award Message: Craft a message that players will receive when they earn the item.
    • Allow Multiple: Check this option if the item can be earned more than once.
  • Visibility Options:
    • Hidden: If marked hidden this item will be inactive and not show or be awarded.
    • Exclude from Badge Count: Check this if you don’t want the item to be included in the total badge count visible on the leaderboard.
    • Visibility Settings:
      • Visible – Always Show: The item will always be visible in the inventory.
      • Mystery Box – Show [?] if none in inventory: The item will appear as a mystery box, indicated by a “[?]” until a player obtains it.
    • Discoverable – Hide until at least one in inventory: The item remains hidden from the player’s view until they have at least one in their inventory.

Step 5: Finalizing Your Inventory Item #

Once you’re satisfied with the details:

  1. Review: Double-check the item’s information for accuracy.
  2. Save: Click the ‘Update’ or ‘Save’ button to officially add the item to your inventory.

By carefully adding and organizing inventory items, you enrich the Gameful platform, making the learning process more engaging and rewarding for students. It’s important to clearly communicate the benefits and functionalities of these items so students understand their significance and strive to earn them.

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