Creating Store Items

The Gameful LMS Store offers a vibrant market where educators can incentivize students by allowing them to exchange earned loot for rewards. Here’s how to craft enticing store items for your learners.

Step-by-Step Guide #

Step 1: Add a New Item #

Click the “Add Item to this Row” icon to begin crafting a new reward in your store.

Step 2: Title Your Item #

Assign a distinctive and catchy title to your item. This is the name students will see and use to identify the reward.

Step 3: Configure Features #

  • Access: Set access parameters for the item with locks or passwords that dictate its availability.
  • Content: Flesh out your item with a compelling description, images, and custom buttons, giving students a clear and appealing visual and textual understanding of the reward.
  • Limits: Implement limitations such as individual purchase caps, total usage limits, or trigger notifications to the admin upon transactions to maintain a balanced game economy.

Step 4: Establish the Exchange and Purchased Content #

Decide the loot type and amount students must exchange to acquire the item. In this same step, define the direct outcome of the purchase: students may receive a personalized message or have the option to alter their avatar. Be cautious with avatar changes—if you intend to sell them in the store, they shouldn’t be freely available on the profile page.

Step 5: Update the Store #

With all details in place, hit “Update” to save and list the new item in the store, making it accessible to students based on the set conditions.

Best Practices for Store Item Creation #

  • Diversify your store inventory to cater to varied student interests.
  • Use vivid descriptions and visuals to make each item more appealing.
  • Keep your store fresh with regular updates and new items.
  • Price items thoughtfully to sustain your in-game economy’s health.
  • Utilize the store as a platform for recognition and to spur ongoing engagement.

Adopting these strategies will help ensure your store remains a focal point of excitement and motivation in your Gameful LMS.

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