Game Theme Settings

The Game Theme settings in Gameful allow you to customize the terminology used throughout your LMS to match your course’s narrative and style. This can be a powerful way to enhance the gamification experience by aligning common features with the course content or the overarching story.

Customizing Feature Names #

In the ‘Features’ tab, you can rename core elements of the game:

  • Maps and Quests: Change ‘Map’ to another term that fits your course’s structure, like ‘Chapter’ or ‘Level’. Similarly, ‘Quest’ can be replaced with terms like ‘Mission’ or ‘Assignment’ to suit the theme. You can also set the plural form for these terms, such as ‘Chapters’ or ‘Missions’.
  • Stage: The term ‘Stage’ can be replaced with ‘Phase’, ‘Step’, or any other term that signifies a subsection within a Map or Quest.
  • Store: If you prefer a different name for the Store, such as ‘Marketplace’ or ‘Shop’, you can change it here to better fit the game environment you’re creating.
  • Inventory: Renaming ‘Inventory’ to ‘Collection’ or ‘Treasury’ can add thematic depth to the area where students manage their earned items or badges.
  • Stats: If ‘Stats’ feels too generic, consider alternatives like ‘Progress’, ‘Achievements’, or ‘Milestones’ to reflect the tracking of student accomplishments.
  • Leaderboard: For a more thematic approach, ‘Leaderboard’ might become ‘Hall of Fame’, ‘Rankings’, or ‘High Scores’.
  • Message Dismiss Button: Customize the text that appears on the button to dismiss messages, ensuring it fits with the tone of the game (e.g., ‘Acknowledge’, ‘Understood’).

Auto Feedback Messages #

In the ‘Auto Feedback Messages’ tab, you can define default messages that students receive based on specific game conditions:

  • Due Date Message: Customize the message students will see upon missing a due date.
  • Time On Task Message: Set up a default message for students who spend below the minimum time on a task.
  • Timer Message: Provide a message for when students run out of time on a timed quest or activity.
  • Quiz Message: Create a default message for incorrect answers in quizzes to encourage or guide students.

After customizing your game theme:

  • Click ‘Update’ to save your preferences.
  • Consider how each term and message will impact the user experience and maintain consistency across the game’s narrative.

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