Glossary of Main Terms

Understanding the unique language of Gameful is essential for maximizing your experience with our gamified Learning Management System. This glossary includes details on the structure of maps, the purpose of the reader, and the introduction of student blogs, providing you with a thorough reference to the core components of Gameful. By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you can more effectively navigate the platform, engage with the content, and utilize the tools provided to enrich the learning experience.

Quests and Maps #

  • Quests: Assignments or tasks designed as interactive challenges that serve as the primary means of engagement and assessment within the learning material.
  • Maps: Visual representations of the learning journey, organizing quests into pathways. Maps are broken into columns that represent different learning paths:
    • Chains: Sequences where quests must be completed in a specified order.
    • Pods: Groups of quests where students have the freedom to choose the order in which they complete them. This structure supports personalized learning paths and offers students autonomy in their learning process.

Loot #

  • XP (Experience Points): A measure of achievement and progress, earned by completing quests and used to track learners’ advancement.
  • Gold: A virtual currency awarded for quest completion, usable in the Gameful Store for purchasing rewards or special items.
  • Rep (Reputation): Reflects a learner’s standing, acting as a multiplier for Gold earnings, influenced by behaviors such as timeliness and engagement, with a range from 0 to 200%.

Store #

  • Rewards: Items or privileges purchasable with Gold, varying from educational resources to system customizations and special privileges.
  • Crafting: Allows learners to combine items or badges from their inventory to create new, unique items or unlock special rewards.

Inventory #

  • Inventory: Holds badges, rewards, and crafted items, representing achievements, serving functional purposes, or used for further crafting.

Admin Tools #

  • Reader: Designed for educators to efficiently review all student submissions and provide rapid feedback. The Reader facilitates a streamlined process for interacting with student work, emphasizing timely and constructive feedback to support learning progression.
  • Clipboard: An administrative dashboard offering insights into student progress, engagement statistics, and more, aiding educators and administrators in informed decision-making.

Additional Concepts #

  • Student Blogs: Gameful encourages the creation of student blogs, which serve as a working portfolio. These blogs are a digital space where students can document their learning journey, showcase their achievements, and reflect on their growth. This feature supports the development of digital literacy and offers a holistic view of each student’s progress and accomplishments.

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