Intro to Maps, Chains/Pods, and Quests in Gameful

Welcome to the exciting world of Gameful, where your curriculum is transformed into an engaging and interactive experience. Here, we’ll introduce you to the basics of Maps, Chains/Pods, and Quests—key components that create the structure of your gamified learning environment.

Maps #

Think of a Map as your game board. It’s a visual representation of the student’s journey through the course content. Maps lay out the progression and pathways that students will navigate, filled with challenges (quests) and choices that guide their educational adventure. Each map encapsulates a segment of the course, often a unit or chapter, providing a clear path and visual goals for students to achieve.

Chains and Pods #

Within your maps, you’ll organize quests into two distinct structures: Chains and Pods.

  • Chains: These are linear sequences where quests must be completed in a specific order. Like links in a chain, each quest unlocks the next, ensuring that students build upon what they’ve learned in a structured manner.
  • Pods: Unlike Chains, Pods offer a more flexible approach. Here, students can choose the order in which they complete quests. This allows for personalized learning paths and can cater to different learning styles and paces.

Quests #

Quests are the heart of the Gameful experience. Each quest represents a learning activity, challenge, or assignment. They are the tasks that students will complete to earn XP, Gold, and other rewards. Quests can vary greatly—from simple quizzes to complex projects—and can be customized with multimedia, interactive elements, and real-time feedback.

Nested Quests #

An exciting aspect of quests is their ability to contain other nested quests. This nesting can create a rich, layered experience:

  • Nested Chains: Within a quest, there can be a series of nested quests that need to be completed in a specific order, adding depth and complexity to the learning experience.
  • Nested Pods: Alternatively, nested quests can also form Pods, allowing students further choices within a quest, to explore different aspects of a topic in the order they prefer.

These nested structures offer the opportunity to create “structured choices” within the learning environment. It means that while the overall path might be linear (a Chain), or open-ended (a Pod), within those paths students can encounter choices that allow them to dive deeper into subjects they’re interested in, or to approach learning in a way that suits their individual needs and preferences.

Together, these components form the backbone of Gameful’s gamification strategy, making learning an immersive and rewarding experience. Whether you’re charting a linear course with Chains or offering flexible learning options with Pods, quests and maps are the tools that will help you bring your educational vision to life.

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