Inventory (Badges)

Inventory items, particularly badges, are a form of recognition and achievement in Gameful. They can symbolize skill acquisition, milestones reached, or special achievements. Badges can be displayed on student profiles and may also be used for unlocking special privileges or content within the course. Here’s how to manage the inventory settings:

Enabling Inventory #

  • Toggle On: Activate the inventory system to allow students to collect badges throughout the course.

Customizing Inventory #

  • Name: Enter “Badge” or a custom term that fits your course theme for single inventory items.
  • Plural: Provide the plural form of the term, such as “Badges,” to be used when referring to multiple items.

After setting up the inventory system:

  • Click ‘Update’ to save the settings.
  • Educate your students on how they can earn badges and the significance of each badge within the game.
  • Consider how badges can be integrated into the broader course strategy, such as unlocking additional quests or providing bonus rewards.

The inventory settings give educators the flexibility to create a customized system of rewards that goes beyond points and currency, offering tangible tokens of achievement that students can collect and cherish.

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