Currency (Gold)

Currency in Gameful, often referred to as Gold, serves as a spendable reward that students earn through their participation and success within the course. It’s not just a score; it’s a dynamic component of the game that students can use in the Store to purchase rewards or unlock access to additional parts of the game. This system adds a layer of strategy and gives tangible value to students’ efforts. Below, we’ll guide you through customizing the currency settings to ensure it integrates seamlessly with your course’s theme and objectives.

Currency or Coins #

  • Option Selection: Choose between using a single currency or a multi-tiered coin system.
    • Currency: Ideal for straightforward transactions and simplicity.
    • Coins: Adds complexity and depth, simulating a real-world economy with multiple denominations.

Abbreviation Display #

  • Placement: Decide if the currency abbreviation should be on the left or right of the numerical value, based on your regional norms or personal preference.

Coin Names and Abbreviations #

  • Gold:
    • Name: The primary currency, typically called “Gold.”
    • Abbreviation: A shorthand like “G” for quick reference.
  • Silver (for a tiered system):
    • Name: The name for a secondary level of currency, “Silver” for example.
    • Abbreviation: A short form such as “S” for ease of use.
  • Copper (for a tiered system):
    • Name: The tertiary currency, “Copper.”
    • Abbreviation: A shorthand like “C” to denote this level of currency.

Notifications #

  • Icon Selection: Enhance the notification of currency earnings with an icon for visual appeal and quick recognition.
    • None: No icon will be used for currency notifications.
    • Single Icon: A universal icon that represents all currency types.
    • Coin: Specific icons corresponding to each type of coin for a more detailed approach.

Remember to click ‘Update’ after configuring your settings to apply the changes. Educate your students about the currency system—how it’s earned, its purpose, and how it can be used within the Store or to gain access to special game features. This system should act as a strong incentive for students, driving engagement and participation in your course.

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