Player Information Settings

In Gameful, the Player Information settings allow you to tailor the data collection to suit the structure of your course or program. This can range from basic profile customization to information relevant for class organization.

Customizing Information Collection #

  • Avatar: Enable players to upload a personal avatar on their profile page, adding a unique touch to their game presence.
  • Website: If applicable, players can provide a link to their website on their profile page, which can be a feature especially valuable in courses focused on professional development or digital literacy.
  • Sections: Often used to represent class periods in educational settings, the ‘Sections’ field can also be adapted for other purposes, such as grouping by skill level or thematic cohorts.
  • Seats: If your course benefits from seating assignments—useful for managing lab sessions or group dynamics, for example—you can opt to gather this information.

After adjusting these settings:

  • Click ‘Update’ to ensure the changes are implemented.
  • Guide your players on filling out their profiles to maximize their experience within the game.

Remember, these details help players personalize their experience and facilitate educators in managing their courses effectively.

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