Player Registration Settings

The “Player Registration” settings in Gameful are designed to streamline the process of onboarding new students to your course. Here’s how to configure these settings to best suit your classroom’s needs.

Allow New Registrations #

  • Check to Allow: By enabling this option, you open up the possibility for students to register for your course. Make sure this is active if you are expecting new students to join.

Google Login #

  • Google Apps Integration: If you’re using Google Apps with a custom domain, such as Google Apps for Education, you can facilitate a smooth registration process.
    • Yes: Select this if you have a Google Apps domain. This will allow users with email addresses from your domain to register with their Google credentials.
    • No: Choose this if you are not using Google Apps, or if you want to allow users to register without Google credentials.
  • My Domain(s): List the domain(s) associated with your institution that will be allowed to register. For example, “” is specified to ensure only those with that domain in their email can register.

Google Only Log In and Registration #

  • Checkbox Option: If you want to restrict registration and login to only Google accounts for added security and convenience, enable this option.

Registration Instructions #

  • Instruction Clarity: It’s important to provide clear instructions for the registration process. If you’re not using the “Google Only Log In,” there will be two ways to register:
    1. Users from within your domain can sign up quickly with the Google button and their domain email credentials.
    2. Users from outside your domain can register via a link on the login page and fill out a registration form, for which they’ll need the membership code provided by you.

Membership Code #

  • Create a Unique Code: “joinmba” is an example of a membership code. This code will be required for users registering outside of your domain, providing an extra layer of verification to ensure that only authorized users can sign up.

After configuring these settings:

  1. Update and Communicate: Click ‘Update’ to save the settings, and ensure that you communicate the process and any necessary codes to your students.
  2. Registration Assistance: Consider preparing a guide or a short tutorial video to assist students through the registration process, which can be particularly helpful for those not familiar with Google Apps or those outside of your domain.

By fine-tuning these options, you can control how new users enter your Gameful environment, ensuring a secure and efficient registration process. It is also advisable to regularly review these settings to accommodate any changes in your classroom or institutional policies.

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