Quick Start Guide for Gameful: Setting Up Your Course

Welcome to Gameful! To get your course up and running, you’ll find that the default settings accommodate most educational scenarios effectively. However, to personalize your course and maximize engagement, there are a few key settings you should configure.

Personalizing Your Gameful Site #

Site Identity #

  • Action: Customize your site’s identity. This includes the name of your course, a unique identifier that sets the tone for your gameful experience.

Choose Features and Loot Types #

  • Action: Select the features you wish to include in your course. Determine the types of loot—points, coins, or any custom names that align with your course theme. This foundational step will define how students interact with the course and each other.

Crafting Your First Map #

Unit Selection #

  • Action: Decide on the initial unit or topic you want to tackle in your course. Starting with one unit allows you to focus on quality and gradually expand your content.

Map Structure #

  • Action: Organize your unit into columns, which can represent different pathways like “Chains” for linear progress or “Pods” for clustered themes or topics. This visual organization will guide students as they navigate the course.

Game Features Integration #

  • Action: Identify opportunities to incorporate game features. Use loot to reward progress, badges to signify achievements, and choices to offer agency. Each of these elements can greatly enhance student engagement.

Embracing Flexibility and Collaboration #

Remember, you don’t need to have everything perfectly planned before starting your course. It’s important to remain flexible and adapt as you go.

Student Input #

  • Action: Engage with your students and invite their ideas. They can offer valuable insights and suggestions that can shape the course in creative and unexpected ways.

This quick start guide is designed to get your Gameful course off the ground with ease. By customizing key aspects and gradually building your course content, you’ll create an immersive and interactive learning environment that resonates with your students. Don’t hesitate to lean on their creativity and feedback as you refine and develop your gameful learning experience.

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