Site Identity Settings

The Site Identity defines the character of your Gameful environment and is the cornerstone of your course’s branding. It’s what sets the stage for the gamified learning experience. Below are the details on how to establish a compelling Site Identity.

Crafting Your Site Identity #

  • Site Title: Choose a title that encapsulates the essence of your course. The title should be concise, memorable, and reflect the subject matter or goal of the course.
  • Tagline: This is a slogan or catchphrase that succinctly communicates the unique value or purpose of your course. It should intrigue and resonate with potential students, summarizing the course’s spirit or approach.
  • Logo: The logo should visually represent your course or institution. It can be a symbol, a crest, or any image that students can identify with your course. A well-chosen logo helps in building a strong visual identity for your course.

Timezone and Security #

  • Timezone: Set the timezone that corresponds with your course location, as this will govern the scheduling of all time-sensitive activities and deadlines within Gameful.
  • Master Password: This powerful tool allows educators to unlock any area of the game, regardless of locks or restrictions. It’s particularly useful when assisting a student or demonstrating a particular feature. It is critical to keep this password confidential and not share it with players to maintain the integrity of the game’s progression and security.

Once you have configured your Site Identity:

  • Click ‘Update’ to implement the changes.
  • Regularly review your Site Identity to ensure it remains relevant and aligned with the evolution of your course.
  • Remember, the Site Identity is a key part of how students perceive and interact with your course, so it should be crafted thoughtfully.

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