Store Features: Limits

In the Gameful Store, setting limits is an essential feature that helps maintain a balanced and equitable system for the distribution of both virtual and physical resources. These limits are instrumental for educators to manage course resources effectively. Below we detail the three types of limits that can be configured:

Configuring Limits #

To apply these settings, simply check the appropriate box next to the desired limit type on the Store’s configuration page. Input the numerical values for Individual Limits and Limit Combined Total Use as needed. For the Notify Admin feature, establish the conditions that trigger an alert and input the admin contact information to receive these notifications.

Individual Limits #

This limit sets the maximum number of times a single student can purchase a specific item or reward within the Store. It’s designed to prevent the monopolization of resources and to ensure equitable distribution among all students.

Use Case #

For example, if a “Homework Pass” is offered in the Store, an Individual Limit can be set to prevent any student from buying too many, thus maintaining fairness in the system.

Limit Combined Total Use #

The Combined Total Use limit is the aggregate count of a specific item or reward that can be purchased by all students combined. This limit is especially relevant for items with physical inventory, such as stickers or books, where the available quantity is naturally finite.

Use Case #

For items like a limited edition sticker pack, the Combined Total Use limit ensures that once the available stock is sold, the item is removed from the Store to reflect the physical limitation of the inventory.

Notify Admin #

Notify Admin is an automated alert feature that informs administrators when an item is close to reaching its set limit, or when there is a need for administrative action. This notification is typically sent via email to the designated contact.

Use Case #

An admin would receive an email alert if the total number of available “Coursebooks” is nearing its limit, allowing them to restock, adjust the limit, or take other necessary administrative actions.

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