Store Features: Content

When creating items for your store, you have several content features to enhance the shopping experience for players.

Description #

A well-crafted description is essential for players to understand the value of the item and how it can be used within the game. It should be detailed enough to provide clear information while also being concise.

Item Image #

A visual representation of the item can make it more appealing and help players make informed decisions. An attractive and relevant image can significantly increase the desirability of an item.

Custom Button #

The label on the purchase button can be customized to better fit the theme of your game or the context of the item. For instance, “Acquire”, “Unlock”, “Exchange”, or any term that aligns with your game’s language.

Allow Multiple Purchases #

This option enables players to buy more than one of the same item at a time. It’s particularly useful for items that players may need in bulk or resources that can be used multiple times throughout the game.

Each of these features contributes to a user-friendly and engaging store interface, encouraging players to interact with the store as part of their gameplay experience.

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