Store Settings

The Store in Gameful is a virtual marketplace where players can spend the currency they’ve earned through their achievements in the game.

Here’s how you can manage the Store settings:

Activating the Store #

  • Store Status: Toggle the ‘On’ switch to activate the Store feature. This will make the Store accessible to players, allowing them to exchange their hard-earned currency for rewards, power-ups, or other game-related items.

Naming the Store #

  • Name: Enter the name for your Store. By default, it’s named “Store,” but you can customize this to fit your game’s theme or course content. For example, you might call it “The Bazaar,” “Marketplace,” or “Rewards Hub.”

Once you’ve configured the Store:

  • Click ‘Update’ to save the settings.
  • Ensure that the Store is stocked with items that are desirable and relevant to your players, adding an additional layer of engagement to your course.

Remember, the Store is a central feature in the gamification experience that provides tangible goals and rewards for player interaction within your course.

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