The Reader: Your Feedback Hub

The Reader in Gameful’s platform is designed for educators to effortlessly track, organize, and provide feedback on student work. Here’s how the various features and options optimize the reviewing process.

Utilizing Filters and Display Options #

Filter Options:

  • Sections: Sort submissions by categories to concentrate on different areas like Inventory or Quests.
  • Date Range: Focus on submissions from specific time periods.
  • Status Tags: Quickly see which posts are unread and which have been addressed.
  • Visibility: Filter out private posts when necessary.

Sorting and Viewing:

  • Order: Arrange posts in ascending or descending chronological order.
  • Display Settings: Customize the layout to view posts in a way that suits your preference, from compact to comfortable.
  • Post Management: See the total count of posts and use the refresh button to update the list as new submissions come in.

Providing Feedback Through the Reader #

The Reader in Gameful’s platform is designed to make giving feedback as straightforward and impactful as possible. Under each blog post, educators have a set of options to personalize their responses to student work, ensuring meaningful interactions that contribute to the learning process.

Feedback Form Features #

When reviewing a student’s blog post, the feedback form presents several options:

  • Canned Feedback: Allows educators to select from pre-written responses for common scenarios, saving time while still providing consistent feedback.
  • Title and Message: Educators can write a personalized message, offering specific insights or guidance related to the student’s work. The title field lets them quickly reference the content or purpose of the feedback.
  • Media Attachments: If necessary, educators can attach media files to their feedback, providing richer, more engaging responses.
  • Rich Text Editor: The message box is equipped with a rich text editor for formatting text, making it possible to emphasize points or structure the feedback clearly.

Awarding Loot for Achievements #

Feedback is not just about offering advice or critiques; it’s also about rewarding effort and achievement:

  • Current Awards: Displays the loot assigned to the quest, such as experience points (XP), gold (G), and reputation (REP), which students earn upon completion.
  • Assign Loot: Educators have the flexibility to adjust the loot awarded for the quest. They can choose not to assign additional loot, award a percentage of the quest loot, or input a custom amount based on the student’s performance.
  • Email Notifications: The option to also send an email ensures that students are promptly notified of their feedback and rewards, keeping them informed and engaged.

By providing detailed and responsive feedback, educators enhance the learning experience, validating student efforts and guiding them towards improved performance and deeper understanding. Gameful’s Reader facilitates this essential aspect of teaching, combining efficiency with the personalized touch that is crucial to effective education.

Accessing Quest-Specific Feedback #

Directly from the map view, educators can jump into the Reader for a particular quest, allowing for targeted feedback on that part of the course.

Public Quest Blogs #

Setting quest blogs to public enables a shared learning environment, permitting students to view and interact with each other’s posts, enhancing the collaborative spirit of the classroom.

The Reader’s structured interface empowers educators to manage student submissions with precision, ensuring that every student’s work is reviewed and feedback is delivered promptly and efficiently.

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