User Links: Individual Actions and Stats

Gameful’s platform provides educators with an array of intuitive icons designed to facilitate a comprehensive understanding and management of each student’s experience within the gameful learning environment. These icons serve as a conduit for personalized education, allowing for direct interaction and the monitoring of each student’s progress. Here’s how each icon functions and the applications they offer:

User Map #

When educators select the User Map icon, they gain access to the course from the student’s viewpoint. This allows educators to see firsthand the student’s progress and navigate the layout of the game as the individual student experiences it.

  • Application: This tool is especially useful for unlocking specific quests for a student, ensuring their path through the learning material is optimally challenging and engaging.

User Blog #

The User Blog icon opens up the student’s personal blog within the Gameful system—a space where they share reflections and document their learning experiences.

  • Application: It’s a space for educators to:
    • Gauge student engagement with course material.
    • Provide feedback on their written reflections.
    • Encourage depth of thought and personal connection to the content.

User Stats #

Clicking the User Stats icon reveals an array of statistics related to the student’s in-game performance. This includes their progress on quests, loot collected, and skills developed.

  • Application: Educators can use this data to:
    • Track and analyze academic progress and game engagement.
    • Customize future content to the student’s progress and needs.
    • Recognize and reward achievements to motivate continued effort and improvement.

Edit User Profile #

The Edit User Profile icon allows educators to modify the student’s profile. This functionality goes beyond simple aesthetics, encompassing essential aspects of the student’s gameful learning experience.

  • Application: Profile adjustments can be made to:
    • Change student names and avatars for personalization.
    • Assign students to different sections or groups as needed.
    • Arrange seating in virtual classroom layouts.
    • Manage user roles and access to align with instructional strategies.

Send Message #

The Send Message icon is a feature for direct communication. Educators can send messages to students, and with this feature, they can also attach loot, such as experience points or virtual currency, or remove it as needed.

  • Application: This serves multiple functions, such as:
    • Providing real-time, personalized feedback or assistance.
    • Sending motivational messages to encourage students.
    • Awarding or deducting loot to manage in-game economy and reward system effectively.

These user action icons are more than just shortcuts; they are pivotal tools in creating a responsive, adaptable, and personalized learning experience within the gameful LMS. They allow educators to maintain a close connection with student progress and contribute actively to their educational journey.

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