User Stats: A Comprehensive Overview #

In Gameful’s platform, User Stats provide a detailed and holistic view of each student’s progress and achievements. This feature is easily accessible via the icon on the Reader or Clipboard, situated next to each user’s name, allowing educators to quickly and efficiently assess individual student performance.

Accessing User Stats #

To view a student’s User Stats, educators can click on the corresponding icon next to the student’s name in the Reader or Clipboard. This action opens the student’s profile, displaying a dashboard of tabs that represent different aspects of the student’s journey through the course.

Description of Each Tab #

The User Stats profile includes several tabs, each offering a unique insight into the student’s performance:

  • STATUS REPORT: This tab presents an overview of the student’s current standing, displaying experience points (XP), reputation (REP) modifiers, and currency (gold or other in-game currency). It acts as a quick snapshot of the student’s overall achievements.
  • INVENTORY: Here, educators can see the items that a student has acquired throughout the course. This could include course materials, badges, and other digital assets, reflecting the student’s collected resources and tools.
  • MESSAGES: This section shows the communication history between the student and the educator or among peers, depending on the platform’s settings.
  • QUESTS: Educators can review the quests that the student has embarked on, including completed tasks and those still in progress, providing insight into the student’s engagement with course content.
  • EXCHANGE: If the platform includes a feature for students to trade items or currency, this tab will track those transactions, highlighting the student’s strategic decisions and interactions.
  • HISTORY: This is a log of all the student’s actions and achievements throughout the course. It’s useful for tracking engagement over time and identifying patterns in the student’s learning behavior.
  • TIME: This tab might include data on the amount of time the student has spent on various tasks or within the platform, offering a measure of engagement and dedication.

Each tab serves as a tool for educators to better understand and support their students’ learning pathways. User Stats not only help in tracking progress but also provide actionable data that can inform personalized feedback and tailored instruction, ensuring each student’s needs are met and their educational experience is maximized.

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