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Badge Lock Problem After Making a Change to a Quest

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    So I had my students do a Safety Badge quest at the beginning of the year that opens the ability to train with more dangerous hand tools. There was a quiz in the original Safety Badge quest that wasn’t working. Yesterday, I updated the Safety Badge quest to take the quiz out. Today, students who already have their safety badge (and their stats show it) are locked out of doing their advanced tool certifications, and the message says it’s because they don’t have their safety badge yet.

    Is there a way I can fix this problem easily or do I just have to admin override for each student?

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    I’m unsure how that is even possible and would like to look at the backend of your site.  I’d like to get it fixed in the code.  Can you create me an account using the email and make me an admin?


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    Done. Sorry, been a busy week.

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