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halp it all borked up

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    Tonight while I was hand inputting the last of my 90 users I noticed avatars weren’t working as I expected. I tried tweaking a few settings but couldn’t get avatars to show. Not a big deal but would be nice to fix. I saw my avatar managing plugin was a little outdated, found a new one that seemed promising, and installed it, deactivated the old plugin, and activated the new one. Avatars still weren’t showing, but again not a big deal, but as I was fussing around things started happening that were alarming. Some pages weren’t showing and some would but only after multiple reloads and I felt like I was running through a collapsing building looking for an exit. I deactivated the trouble plugin and then tried to delete it and the whole site went down completely. White screen of death.

    I restored from a fairly recent backup and found the white screen of death again. Nothing was responding. After multiple force reloads I finally got the login screen, which showed the “cookies blocked due to unexpected output” error.

    I got into the ftp and renamed the plugin director and created a totally new one from scratch. Success! I could log in… but with no GameOn. So I copied only the latest GameOn build back into the plugin folder. When I activated it, I got an alert that said GameOn is generating 173 characters of unexpected output. And again I get the cookies blocked due to unexpected output error at the login screen. At this point GameOn is the only active plugin.

    I even deleted the installed version and reinstalled the same version from a fresh download, just in case.

    Ideas? Only I’ve got class in the morning…

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    Temporarily I uninstalled the new version and went back to 4.07.25 and so far it seems functional. I’d been using 4.08 for about a week without issue, though. I’m not sure why it’s still giving me an error when it never did before, and I uninstalled that nasty plugin that fought with our preciousssss…

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    I’d need to see more errors to make any sort of diagnosis.

    You can try the latest build (v4.10)–it’s not release ready yet but it’s what I’m using now.  No new features have been added (a couple minor bug fixes), but I’m working on speeding it up dramatically by using object caching and database transients.  If you are using memcached on your server, it will now take advantage of that as well.  I’m still working out some kinks, but it appears stable.

    Download the master branch from here:

    As a general rule, check before ever using the master branch.  Sometimes I know I introduce major bugs as I’m testing out new features, but it should be fine until the next release.

    If that doesn’t work, stay on the version that works for you and I can take a look after getting the next release out.  If you create me an admin account we can turn error reporting on max and see where the problem is.  Let me know how it goes.

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    Just an update… I’m sitting at  4.07.25 with no further problems. I’ll just wait until the next official update to try updating again. All traces of the conflicting plugin have been deleted, as far as I know.

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