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    Can you explain the reason, function and possible uses of the health bar?



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    It’s like damage/honor in the old game. Works with the super modifier. If activated in options panel, <100 = reduction on loot and >100 = increase in loot (based on % above or below 100%). Classroom management tool.

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    In the past versions I never really used the super modifier, i’m not sure what it does actually. I did use damage and honor though.

    So greater than 100 health you get reduction in loot and less than 100 health increase in loot?

    How does one lower or increase health, I assume it has something to do with the super modifier?

    Really wondering what ways or how will you be using this?


    Thanks man

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    Example: Quest is worth 100 Gold with theĀ super modifier on.

    Student A has 110 Health and earns 110 Gold (10% bonus).

    Student B has 90 Health and earns 90 Gold (10% penalty).

    Think of Health as a classroom management tool. Example: Students in my class lose Health for tardies. Show up late, earn less Gold. Conversely, students who show up early and begin working before the bell earn extra Health. (Students claim both via Store Items.)

    It doesn’t take long for students to figure this one out. Try it and maybe you’ll have other teachers asking you why kids run to your room before the bell. šŸ™‚

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    The types of loot are designed to work like this:

    XP is a measure of work done and is progressive.

    Health is a measure of behavior and modifies the Gold.

    Gold is a spendable currency and is earned based on doing work and behavior. (Work * Health = Gold)

    The currency 4 will be removed in future versions so don’t use it.

    Of course people will find different uses, but this was the idea behind it.

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    XP can be used as currency though, right? It is not just for leveling up? Can it be used to buy gold?

    Also, (and I asked this in the AEE forum yesterday) do you have a system for applying loot to quests? Last year, I just used the defaults but there are no defaults this year and I’m not sure if I’m making loot too easy or hard to obtain.

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    Also, how is drop rate used? I have a lovely kid in my program who explains it as an increased or decreased chanceĀ at the loot. How does that work?

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    This is exactly what I needed! Not only was it informative, but I now feel confident that my struggles may not be because I’m the biggest LudditeĀ on the list. I am so grateful.

    I think that this video should be posted in the GO tutorial videos that Marq posts.Ā  It just really clears a lot up for me. As blurry eyed as you may have felt throwing it together, it was super helpful.


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