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    Hey Everyone,

    I’m Mike Skocko, Digital Arts teacher at Valhalla High School in El Cajon, CA (just outside of San Diego) and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have teamed-up with Mick McMurray for Game On v4.

    Welcome to the next frontier of customizable gameful learning.

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    I’m Matthew Miller, Design Technology teacher at Cairo American College in Cairo, Egypt.  Yup, Game-on is fully international!  I’m super excited to see what Mike and Mick have cooked up in Game-On v4  to enhance my middle-school classes next year.

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    Hello all,

    My name is Terrence Banks. I teach digital photography and art in Bakersfield California. I’m excited about the enhancements that gameon will be adding!

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    My name is Mick McMurray and I’m the guy writing the code for v4.  I have the pleasure of working in the same district as Mike Skocko, also teaching digital art.   For years he has been trying to get me on the Game On bandwagon, and this past year I finally gave it a shot.  I was impressed with what it did, but frustrated with what it didn’t.  So I decided to make it work the way I wanted it to work.  I hope you all find it valuable and look forward to your input.

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    I’m Erin Uptegrove. I teach digital art at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in Massachusetts. I piloted Game On with my Web Design I classes this year and it went really smoothly. I’m excited to see the updates in v4!

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    Hey there,

    I’m Johnathan Chase.  I teach chemistry at Sweetwater High School in National City, CA (near San Diego).  I’ve been using Game On with my classes since version 2 and look forward to the update to 4.0 🙂

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    Hi! I’m Marcia Blanco and I teach Digital Media in the smallest CTE center in Vermont (50 students, 7 teachers in the whole school.) I wanted to start using GO last September but it took me 4 months to actually screw up the courage to jump in. Now I’m paddling as fast as I humanly can trying to stay ahead of my students who work like crazy to earn badges and get their professions. It is truly amazing and I CAN’T WAIT for a little downtime to test this lovely piece of curriculum delivery architecture.

    Considering that I teach Digital Media, I’m a bit of a Luddite compared to some of my younger colleagues State-wide. (The first version of Adobe Illustrator I ever used was in 1988. I was 30. Do the math. No,….don’t. Anyone who has seen my posts has probably figured it out anyway. Thanks, Mike, for all your support and encouragement. ) I think that my semi-Luddite viewpoint might help in making things user-friendly for educators intimidated by all this. I plan to give back by documenting my struggles and solutions to whatever user resource system that we come up with.

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    Mark Suter, HS computer tech/game design/computer programming teacher at Elida High School in Elida, OH.

    I used to do PD work for 3DGameLab (now Rezzly), but am now leaning towards this Game On project as version 4 seems to do all the things that Rezzly and Classcraft do not. It is satisfying to see a project with leadership and open communication grow.

    If ever there is a way to contribute financially to this project, my students and I would like to do that. We run a small business in the classroom (, we do small biz websites and photo scanning) and we are looking for projects to support that will support missions we believe in.

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    I’m just now getting around to this because my partner and I took our kids on a 3day train trip and we’ve now arrived CHI in the same number of pieces we were at the start of our trip. My 4yo made some nice Mennonite friends and the baby got some practice trying to walk and stand on a rocking thing and is now distressed that the ground here doesn’t move.

    I teach engineering to elementary school students (3rd/4th/5th), and as far as I know I’m the weirdest outlier using GO. I have my students buy actual physical materials for projects in the GO store. Their challenges are things like “build an airplane powered by a rubber band that really flies”. Then they research how to do it and try different strategies until they’re happy with the result. They can choose which projects they want to do at any given time and do them in a group or as singletons. To get credit, they have to document how they did the project with a photo and writeup on Padlet. While most of the projects are physical building projects I’ve also got some Scratch coding challenges and similar online projects for them to do.

    (I teach at a fancy private school. I’d like to do this at a public school, but they won’t let me. Maybe someday.)

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    I teach middle school history (in Texas, where controversies abound over books and standards 🙂 I’ve been lurking in the shadows for more than a year now & I’m hoping to be all in w/ GO this year. I’m excited to see v4 rolling out and I’m loving what is there now. Regardless of whether or not I’m brave enough to go with it this year, I think everything that everyone has done on this project is amazing.

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    Hi, my name is Carsten, and I live in Denmark.
    I’m a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (the state church), and the primary thing that made me interested in gamification is the many young people I teach every year.
    We are so fortunate that there is a good connection between the local schools and the churches – much like in the other Scandinavian countries and the UK – and every year we offer “confirmation classes.”
    The children from 7th grade (confirmansd) come to the church – or my house – 1½ hours every week where I teach them. They are then confirmed at a worship service in April or May.

    I am working on gamifiying my curriculum. Most of it is PowerPoint-based already, so the biggest task is creating a narrative and the quizzes etc. after each ‘mission.’
    I am using the free h5p html5 content creator to create quizzes and games.

    I only have one class of children (20-25 in one class) for 1½ hours every week. This limits the game, as far as I can see. Or at least it forces me to define the way the game is ‘played’ differently from what a school teacher would do.

    I have come up with the following narrative that I am build my gamified curriculum around:

    The year is AD 306. Constantine has just become emperor of the Roman Empire.
    His mother, Helena, has just become a Christian, but at the same time one of Constantine’s closest friends, his military commander, has been killed – apparently by Christians.
    For the sake of his mother, his friends, and the empire, Constantine sends out clans/legions of spies to check out what this ‘new religion’ is all about and report back to him.
    The narrative and storyline ends with Constantine declaring religious tolerance for Christianity in AD 313.


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    My name is Adam Coulson, and I have been playing with GameOn for 5.5 years now…wow! I teach graphic design and photography at Highlands Ranch High School south of Denver Colorado. I have been putting off updating with my approximately 500 pages I have in version 3 but I think I’m gonna give it a go. This is what I have been waiting a few year for so I’m pretty excited.

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