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Map Access Limited by Badges

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    I would like to keep my junior class (the apprentices) from having access to the senior level (the Professionals) quests. I have created a badge and have assigned it to the parent of the Professionals, but it doesn’t stop my test user from accessing it. Is there a better strategy for this?

    Also, is there a shortcode I can use that will limit page access to kids who have not earned the badge?

    Thank you!!

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    Do you have the Guest Viewable option in the quests set to Global?

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    Did you use the locks on the quests themselves?  Badges assigned to maps are for awarding badges.  To use the badge as a lock, add it to the “access locks” on first quest on the map you wish to restrict (or all quests if a pod).

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    Thanks! I think I have it figured out now. I really appreciate your help!


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