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    Carsten Riis Jensen

    I have finally had enough time to play around with Game On.
    I have a couple of comments, questions, and feature requests:

    Will there be added more ‘Check for understanding’ options?
    Like Drag & Drop, Fill in the blanks, etc.

    I am testing Game On using the Firefox browser.
    I tried ‘Upload File’ as a ‘Check for understanding’ option. That didn’t work in Firefox, but it worked with Explorer/Edge.

    How much of GameOn can be translated to other languages?
    Will we be able to translate ‘in game’ things like “This expedition has”, and “Where you can earn” and “Questions answered correctly” to other languages – like my native Danish?

    I set up a Task (I call them Expeditions) and also added a Bonus stage.
    I tried finishing the Task/Expedition, but why didn’t the Bonus stage option show up?

    Final thought. And this is more of a thought than a question or request:
    For about a year or so I have been using a website/mobile app, called Actionbound.
    See en.actionbound.com
    Here I create Expeditions that the players/users activate either by scanning a QR code or by going to a specific GPS location (GPS scavenger hunts).
    The users’ scores are saved on a page that they can access after the scavenger hunt.

    I have been thinking about how to link Actionbound and Game On, and maybe the most simple solution will be to just insert the QR codes in the Task/Expedition pages in Game On.
    Then the user who opens an Expedition in Game On will se a QR code, scan it, go on the scavenger hunt and then return to Game On.

    I don’t know… I’ll have to try it out to see if it works.


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    I’ll be interested to see how you link Actionbound with GO. I’m looking for similar ways to link GO quests with other apps and programs… don’t know how easy it is to create that kind of thing and it probably depends on the API of whatever you’re working with, but it would be nice if you could only proceed with a GO quest when, say, a specified Padlet was updated or you finished an Actionbound activity.

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    Carsten Riis Jensen

    I contacted the company behind Actionbound today.
    I asked them if it would be possible to have some kind of API access.

    They wrote to me that they offer individual solutions for LMS users.

    So that could definitely be an option.

    Actionbound is a German company, based in Berlin.


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    1 & 5. There are a vast number of amazing products that could be integrated with Game On.  For now the focus of development is on core functionality.  The best bet for integration is just embedding content (like the QR codes).  There are a number of quiz sites that are going to be better than what we currently can implement in Game On, and those are also best just used with links or embed code.  I realize this does not allow for the results to be included in the game with loot, but will lead to better results that what we can currently implement.

    2. I’ll look into it.  I currently do not test in Firefox.  I wish I had more time to do cross browser testing, but my testing is exclusively in Chrome on a Mac. I’ll take a look at that particular feature.

    3. Translations are on the roadmap, but currently the language is hard coded.  Translatable language files are on the horizon.  I don’t have a estimated time.

    4. I haven’t had any other reports of bonus stages not showing.  What version are you using?

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    Carsten Riis Jensen


    #4: I am using version 4.07.25

    Screenshot of admin, with Bonus stage set to Yes:

    Screenshot of two completed stages after which the Bonus stage should open – or?

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