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Quest Snafu @$%^

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    Not sure how to describe what is happening but it is only happening to MY admin account (not even a test admin account)?!?. All of my quests, new and old, are messed up and non-functional. The “Complete” message box is repeated on every stage as seen in the image below. I have not used any options on the test quest. This started just a couple days ago and did not coincide with a new version or any other plugins installed. This has happened to ALL of my quests not just the new ones. It does not seem to appear on any other account but hinders my ability to create or alter new quests. Any thoughts?


    This image is as it appeared upon first entry to the quest.

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    My temporary solution is just creating a new admin account as it is fully functional to continue my building.

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    You set the admin view to “All Stages”.  There is an dropdown in the top right when viewing a stage.

    The “All Stages” view is so you don’t have to click through to see all the content.  There are also options for having locks on for admin, off for admin, and the guest view.

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    Oh awesome! So many amazing options means I find many ways so mess things up. You are amazing Mick!!

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    Adam, I’ve also walked into a few new features I didn’t understand at first.

    Hey, it was awesome when the kids wrote all the code, but I don’t long for the good-old-days of slow incremental change. With Mick at the helm, were getting fast and furious updates (with a few crashes to spice up the experience). 😉

    This is the Game On I’ve always dreamed of. And we’re just getting started with v4!

    Mick ROCKS!

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    Thanks guys.  It’s getting more stable day by day.

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