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    What are people using for rank names?

    My course is basically employee training for running our student-run company, Grit9.com. Here’s what I have so far:

    Grit9 ranks

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    Mike Skocko

    Hey Mark,

    I know you have years of experience building gamified experiences for your students so my answer is for others who may not have thought this through…

    Beware tying rank names to levels unless you’re certain how long it may/should take students to acquire the required XP. The last thing you want is a group of CEOs in the first semester thinking they’re done with the¬†class.

    I’m struggling with this right now, too. Balancing Levels over the course of a school year is a science I’ve yet to master.

    As for your question, Mark, the paths to CFO, CCO and CIO are also relevant to your class business (among other titles). This is where badges might play a role along with manually assigned designations. Again, struggling with this myself (though leaning toward the latter combo).

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