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    I was poking around looking for where to rest users and couldn’t find it. Mind pointing me in the right direction? I finally got the plug-in updated and XP is accruing, but I want to reset all the users so they can go back through the previous missions to earn the loot/XP that didn’t accrue previously.

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    Yikes! It’s missing (or I’m blind).

    I’ll contact Mick.

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    I haven’t built that feature into the v4 yet–I figured I had some time before a master reset was needed.  I’ll see if I can get it done tonight–wiping tables is an easy add.

    Just to be clear, what you are looking for is the reset all user data button–loot totals, activity, and history.

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    Mick if it is a bunch of work for you don’t worry. It is a not a game breaker. I’m glad the last update fixed my XP problem.

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    I added the reset users to the Game On tools section (the last icon in the Game On section on the backend).  It’s not in the release yet, but you can get the master branch here:

    I haven’t thoroughly all the new code in the master branch, so you might want to run the tool and then downgrade to the last release.  I don’t know of any problems with the new code so feel free to run it.  Things to look for in it would be data that doesn’t update on screen. I’m in the process of increasing caching to improve speed and reduce server resources used.  If seen about an 80% reduction in database queries on Map pages and much faster load times.  The store has about a 99% improvement in resources used and task pages should be faster too.  I’m going to turn to the clipboard soon–it really pounds the database.  I think I have the caches tuned so they all clear when new data is generated, but I’m going to test this latest code tomorrow with my classes and then I’ll know for sure.

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