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    Carsten Riis Jensen

    How do you all typically use GameOn?
    Where, in your teaching process, does GameOn come in?
    Do you show something on a screen for all to see or do the students log in on their own devices and work through what ever you have created in GameOn?

    From a newbie,
    Carsten R. Jensen

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    Mike Driscoll


    I would like to know how most people set up their courses as well. Help the Newbs out!

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    I’m procrastinating from getting my classroom set up, so I’ll kick off.

    I’m somewhat atypical for most of the users I’ve talked to in that 1) I have elementary students, and 2) we build things in the real world, so I use the Store to “buy” and “sell” real materials. I teach engineering to 3rd/4th/5th graders.

    So some of the time we’re doing guided explorations of a topic, but much of the time it’s independent work. Students come in, get laptops, sit down, and log in to the site. On the site they find a list of projects (Quests) that they can do. They choose a Quest and start to build something (bridge, robot, car, light up shoe, submarine, airplane…). They buy materials from the store as needed. As they complete the Quest they get “money” and “experience” and they document their projects on Padlet. Each student has a physical bin in the classroom where they store materials and projects (I have 95 this year… lower than last year by far.)

    It seems most people here teach computers or digital arts to high schoolers, so they’re buying and selling privileges instead of materials, and their students are more self-directed more of the time.

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    Small addendum: New this year I’m structuring the course using the Quest Maps feature in the new Game On so that students don’t just jump right into “I’m gonna build and program a drone!” and instead they’re guided to learn things in somewhat of an order.

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