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    Hi Guys!

    The new version is amazing. Thank you for all your hard work.

    I have an idea/request for Game-on v5. 🙂 Is it possible to put more than one map onto a quest? I’d love to be able to make one quest available in multiple areas of the map without duplicating it.

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    My initial response was, “Why?” Then I followed the logic a very short distance, and thought, “Why not?”

    And now I’m thinking, “This is an awesome idea!”

    I’ll discuss it with Mick after he recovers from the WP v5 fiasco. (He’s spent hours and hours dealing with that problem.)

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    Mick had good feedback and an alternate method of achieving the same results. He’ll elaborate soon…

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    It is definitely an idea that I’ve considered. Multiple maps for a single quest would require significant changes to the database and code. But more important than the changes, it adds a level of complexity to quest creation and game flow that could create confusion.  For example, if it is done on one map, what happens on others.

    As a work around, put a badge on the quest (or chain) and then use that as a lock on other quests. Students would need to find where that badge can be earned.

    I’ll see about adding the ability to format text in the custom lock message and you could include a link to the quest where the badge can be earned in the message.  That way the quest with the badge wouldn’t even need to be on a map, but could be a prerequisite to any quest.

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