We offer an unlimited time Demo Mode.

We’re teachers. We know how it is-you find something that looks great, but you want it for next year. No need to wait to try it out or worry about the trial running out. You don’t have to pay until you are ready for give it a go with your class. There is a 10 user limit per game while you are in Demo Mode.

Followed by a 60 Day free trial of Gameful Mode.

Gameful Mode is what we call it when you unlock all the features and we offer a 60 day trial once you are ready to end the demo. There are some limits, but they should be high enough that they work for you (if they don’t let us know).

Only then do you have to add a payment method.

$29/Month or $299/Year

  • 5 Active Games (and unlimited archived games)
  • 10GB Disk Space/game (shared by admin and players)
  • Unlimited Quests
  • Unlimited Store Items
  • Unlimited Student Blog Posts